Adidas Philippines unveils new generation football boots: X, ACE

Adidas, the undisputed leader in football, has recently launched their new generation football boots to the Philippine market named X and ACE last July 4 at Sparta Philippines.

Gone are the Predators, F50s, and Nitrocharges. Now there is only chaos and control.  There is only X and ACE.

The X, also known as X15, is made for the game changer in the likes of Thomas Muller, Luis Suarez, and Alvaro Morata. Built for speed, the X is intended to cause chaos against the opposing team.

The ACE is designed for control and build order in a game.  Made for the likes of Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neur, and Ivan Rakitic, the ACE15 gives the player a distinct advantage on precision and control which largely epitomizes these world class players.

Footballing brothers James and Phil Younghusband presented the new boots highlighting the strengths of each type where James representing the ACE and Phil with the X.

Football standouts from the high school level up to the professionals from the United Football League were split into two groups to test their top of the line boots.  The X15 participants drilled in an obstacle course for speed and finishing while ACE15 participants were challenged with their precision and control with a shooting course.
There was also 2-a-side challenge from each division with La Sallian teams winning in the youth divisions.  De La Salle Zobel won the high school division while DLSU bested Ateneo in the college division.  Thee event was hosted by football enthusiast DJ Tony Toni of Magic 899 and spearheaded by Patrick Giron of Adidas Philippines.

The Perfect Pass will give a full review of the the two adidas boots soon.

3 Things you need to do when watching the Azkals WCQ matches

World Cup qualifying season is here again and we Pinoy football fans will once again be unified in the pursuit of national glory. 

The players will have to battle it out on the pitch but we fans have a responsibility to our team. Here are three vital things Azkals fans have to do every home game.

Sing your National Anthem with Pride

The most terrifying thing any visiting team could hear in a match are thousands of home fans singing their national team with vigor and pride. 

It not only shows our love for our country but also how far we (the fans) will go to defend our home pitch.

This also sets the tone of the match and most especially increases the confidence of our team.  It is imperative the we, the fans, should sing the national anthem from the heart passion.

Jeer the opponent

We should welcome our opponents with jeers for a full ninety minutes without letting up.

This may be against our Filipino tradition of being “extra accomodating” to our guests but if you go anywhere in the world, no away team is really welcome (in any sport).

But the jeering should also not be extreme. Political and religious messages should not be tolerated as this will cause us a ban from FIFA.

Givie the visitors hell for ninety minutes and a win is not far-fetched.

Cheer like there’s no tomorrow

Every game, every possession  is equally important especially on this tough qualifying group.  Let’s support the Azkals every step of the way before and after the game.

If the Ultras Filipinas can do it, why can’t you?

Ceres-Azkals raring for national team duties

By Ivan Gayares (@ivangeoffrey)

Ceres-La Salle standouts in Martin Steuble, Patrick Reichelt, Manny Ott, and Juani Guirado started their national team duties Monday with the first practice of the Philippine Azkals at the Rizal Memorial.


The team welcomed greenhorns in Kevin Ingreso and Luke Woodland into the fold including the return of Stephan Shrock.

“It was exciting to see new faces, playing them, look at (how) they play, and get closer (together)” said Reichelt.

Though the session was a light one, it was evident that Bacolod-based players were eager to show their wares and fight for their place in the team.

“It was fun.  We have a lot of new players, good players, so the level was higher and it was really fun to play with them” said Ott.

Steuble added “It was nice to see all the guys, to meet the new teammates, to have an easy session to start, and get to know the guys.  Were always positive looking forward to the games”.

Ian Ramsey also arrived in practice after arriving a few hours earlier from Australia.  The rest of the team will arrive in the next few days after fulfilling their personal and club commitments.

“Were waiting for the rest, to have them play for the national team, and (were) waiting for the big games” said Ceres captain Juani Guirado.


TPP Blog: 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Forecast

Paulaner vs Quilmes

After sixty-three successful games in the bag, all roads lead to Maracana as La Albiceleste take on Die Mannschaft in the most heavily anticipated sporting event in the world, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final.

On Germany

After the 7-1 demolition of hosts Brazil in the Quarterfinal, Germany has come on s the favorites coming on to this match.  Known for their fast flowing and technical offensive game, the Germans have been this tournaments fan favorite after beating Portugal by four goals.  That performance though did not follow through to their next match where they drew Ghana with two goals apiece.

Confidence is high with the German camp but their group stage performance after a drubbing may resurface as they will be facing a sturdy defensive line and the Worlds best player in Messi.

On Argentina

I never predicted Argentina to reach the semi-finals as I simply underestimated their defense.  Their defense however brought them to the final after disposing of Belgium and Argentina in the last two games.  They may need bring out a better defensive performance to contain the highly efficient German attack.

A Di Maria-less Argentina would need to work harder as they will face an effective german back four.  All eyes will be on Higuan as he has found the back of the net twice in the last two games, with the last goal incorrectly ruled offside in the semi-final. The Argentines would need a perfect game in order to win.

So who will win?

Any betting man would favor Germany with their performance in recent games.. The European squad are well rested, well coached, and arguably have the deepest reserves in any World Cup team. Argentina however have a more resolute defense than the German semi-finals opponents and are playing (somewhat) on home soil but are tired and not as deep as the Germans.

The final, for me, will be a long and arduous chess match where the Germans will take control of the possession and bombard Argentina with wave after wave of attacks.  But Argentinas backline and inspired goalkeeper would be up to the challenge to thwart the germans offensive play.

Lionel Messi’s presence would be a factor in this match causing to disrupt the German rhythm in both offensively and defensively as it will be a risk to not man mark him as all the teams have done in the post group matches.  Everything happens in threes so I will be forecasting a Gonzalo Higuain goal from a counter attack where it will finish as a 1-0 win for Argentina.




My 2014 FIFA World Cup Finalists (Prediction)

Here is my prediction for the finalists of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil.

base photo from bleacher report


  • Chile will edge out Brazil in the Round of 16. Chile, with its blistering attacking pace, will show the world why they are the most feared team by Brazil Manager Luis Felipe Scolari.
  • Columbia will edge out a Luis Suarez-less Uruguay


  • Columbia will overcome Chile after the latter would still be in a celebratory mood after beating the hosts
  • The Germans will finally test the French defense and overwhelm them with a blowout
  • The Netherlands will end Costa Rica’s fairy tale run in the tournament
  • Belgium will break Leo Messi’s heart and progress to the Semis


  • Die Mannschaft will roll over the streaking Colombia like the well-oiled machine that they are and reach the final with ease
  • The Oranje will win over their Belgian neighbors with the tactical wit of Luis Van Gaal

I will reserve my Third Place and Final Preview in the future