PFL Week 10: Who’s hot? Who’s not?

A very interesting week in the PFL. The bottom three maintained their positions while the biggest drop in the standings went to JPV Marikina. Takumi Uesato’s absence has sent the Markina side sliding down to fifth place.

Ceres’ big win against league leaders Meralco proved the volatility of the current rankings putting them back at the top four. It will take them a while to improve at the top with the looming AFC Cup matches.

Global was held to a draw by Davao with the Cebu squad missing out on the chance to overtake the league leaders. Kaya has been on a tear lately and a trip to the top is inevitable for the Makati side.

NOFA & DFL holds 12 & Under Invitational Cup

The Negros Occidental Football Association (NOFA) in partnership with Dynamic Football League (DFL) will be holding the inaugural NOFA 12 & Under Invitational Cup this summer on May 3-7, 2017 in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Invited teams from all over the country will participate in this 9-a-side tournament over five days.

NOFA and DFL have been consistently providing avenues for grassroots football in the past three years with the aim of elevating the level of the game in Negros and all other teams that may participate in their scheduled events. Participants from the said event are for boys born January 1, 2005 and later with teams provided with free registration and a daily subsidy for players to boot.

Teams such as One La Salle, Ateneo, Southridge, and Claret will represent Luzon while Kakisa-Dumaguete, Bayawan, Springdale Titans, Don Bosco Cebu, I.Pag-asa, Jaro, Barotac, Green Global, San Carlos, Don Bosco Victorias, and Dynamic will represent Visayas. Mindanao will be duly represented by Davao, MARFA-North Cotabato, and Zadifa-Dipolog.

Games will be held in the Santa Maria football field beside the renowned Negros landmark: The Ruins. Teams will be treated on May the 3rd with a welcome dinner at the University of St. La Salle Covered Court with elimination matches and quarterfinals running from May 4 to 6. The Semis and Finals will be held on May 7 together with the awarding cermonies also to be held on the same day.

UFL: Consolidated ADD/DROP list for April 2016 Transfer Window


1) ALCUAZ, Xavier Carlos Alberto
2) BAÑA, Rupert Ed
3) CASTILLO, Christian Michael
5) COLET, Kendall
6) GAUDIEL, Renko Feliz
7) JONG, han Seon [KOR]
8) KOFFI, Konan Marc Antoine [CIV]
9) LIPARDO, Jose Rafael
10) MATHAY, Alfredo Carlitos
11) MONTEMAYOR, Jin Daniel
12) ORACION, Jose Paolo
13) ORTIZ, Enrique Thaddeus
14) SON, Jeong Hyeon [KOR]
15) WEIDMAR, Martin
16) YOSHIOKA, Mashu
17) BONGALAN, Gonzalo (youth / reserve roster)
18) CO, Ryan Matthew (youth / reserve roster)
19) GAYOSO, Javier Augustine (youth / reserve roster)
20) JAMES, Kenneth John (youth / reserve roster)
21) ORDOÑEZ, Martin (youth / reserve roster)
22) POE, Joseph Gerard (youth / reserve roster)
23) SORIANO, Kenneth Gerard (youth / reserve roster)
24) TANCHUAN, Alain (youth / reserve roster)
25) VALDEZ, Joshua (youth / reserve roster)

1) ALCOREZA, Harold
2) CABAÑIERO, Rolando Jr.
3) CALVO, Valentino
4) CAMINOS, Jose Alfe
5) CLOTTEY, Joseph Attuquaye [GHA]
6) FERNANDEZ, Habagat Viktor Hamin Grace [from Youth / Reserve Roster]
7) FRANCISCO, Norman John Robert
8) FRIAS, John Albert
9) GALICIA, Christian Lowell
10) KONE, Losseni [CIV]
11) LEYBLE, Richard
12) MENGANE, Pampam Justin [CIV]
13) OMGBA, Augustin [CMR]
14) ORCULLO, Gerald
15) RECHE DONHA, Joao Alexandre [BRA]
16) REGALA, Darwin



FORZA FC:- ***ADD***
1) BONOAN, Juan Javier
2) DE GUZMAN, Raphael Clifford
3) DIAZ, Van Rey
4) DOLINO, Aldrin
5) EVANGELISTA, Mervin Paul
6) FERRER, Nicolas Jr.
7) JOSEPH, Rigoberto Carlos
8) RAMOS, Javier Francisco Jr.
9) TETANG ZIEPOP, Maxime Valery [CMR]

1) ALCANTARA, Nathan Michael
2) ALEGRE, Frederico Martin
3) AVANCEÑA, Raphael Angelo
4) BAMBA, Sam Lama [CIV]
5) DAPOG, Elijah
6) MANIQUIS, Mikel Romano
7) MONTELIBANO, Jose Luis Ricardo
8) TIU, Briggs

1) HARTMANN, Mark Andrew
2) OCTAVIO, Nathan
3) ORTIZ, Juan Carlos [ESP]
5) PETTYS, Charley
6) ESSWEIN, Andreas Campollo (youth / reserve roster)

1) BATEAU, Sean Anthony Gilbert [TRI]
3) ELHABIB, Izzeldin Elzaki Ibrahim [SDN]
4) KANAYAMA, John Christopher (Loyola FC)

1) ARNESTO, Reyl
2) BALANUECO, Jannryl
3) DAGA-ANG, Juarlito
4) GUMBAN, John Resty
5) JURAO, Angelou Val
6) MACAPAL, John
7) SALAHIT, Paul Ariel
8) UZOKA, Chima

1) ALONSO, Alvaro Miguel [ESP]
2) CAÑEDO, Robert
3) DOLINO, Aldrin
5) MELEKE, Stephane [CIV]
6) TETANG ZIEPOP, Maxime Valery [CMR]
7) UZOKA, Kennedy

1) ABAN, Elijah
2) ANGELES, Alen Franco
3) CAÑEDO, Robert
4) MABANAG, Michael Jerremy
5) MENZI, Michael
6) TAKANO, Daishi [JPN]
7) UESATO, Takumi [JPN]

1) ALI, Mahmoud
2) NAKAZONO, Yuuki [JPN]
3) PELAYO, Meliton
4) SOBREVEGA, Louie Jay
5) WADA, Shimpei [JPN]

KAYA FC:- ***ADD***
1) GIGANTO, Eric Ben
2) MENZI, Audie
3) REED, Adam Michael [ENG]
4) TANTON, David

KAYA FC:- ***DROP***
1) GREATWICH, Christopher Robert (NOT FREE TO SIGN)

LAOS FC:- ***ADD***
1) ALI, Mahmoud
2) BATEAU, Sean Anthony Gilbert [TRI]

3) ELHABIB, Izzeldin Elzaki Ibarahim [SDN]
4) DIMAANO, Jose Salvador (youth / reserve roster)
5) PIQUE, Juan Miguel Bradley (youth / reserve roster)
6) SHAHROOD, Shahin [IRN] (youth / reserve roster)
7) SILVERIO, Lanz Jason (youth / reserve roster)
8) SILVERIO, Lorenz Justin (youth / reserve roster)
9) TAKZARE, Reza [IRN] (youth / reserve roster)

LAOS FC:- ***DROP***
1) CAMARA, Cheick Ahmed [CIV]
2) DALMAN, Jhonny
3) JUKES, Reginald Roel Jr.

1) KANAYAMA, John Christopher
2) MAGASSA, Aboubacar []

1) MITTER, Adam Thomas [ENG]

2) APPIAH, Stephen [GHA]
3) BIÑAS, Kevin Regan
4) CARLOS, Jon Aaron
5) DOMINGO, Patrick Michael
6) EJE, James Michael
7) EPILI, Alfred
8) FOFANA, Lassana [CIV]
9) HWANG, Jong Won [KOR]
10) KIGBU, Alu [NGA]
11) KIM, Chan Woo [KOR]
12) NJI, Madi Taniform [CMR]
13) OKEAGU, Michael Chiemela [NGA]
14) UGWU, Ifeanyi Elias [NGA]
15) ZACAL, Dennis Jr.

1) AHMAD, Aseel
2) CERDEÑA, Joseph Anthony
3) DAHL, Christian Magnus [DEN]
4) HARTMANN, Darren Maurice
5) JAMAL, Dalir Lord [IRN]
6) JOERGENSEN, Kristian [DEN]
7) JONES, Christopher Ian
8) LAWLESS, Christopher
9) ORTIZ, Enrique Thaddeus
10) PAPILLON, Gael Anthony
11) UJAM, Charles Ekene [NGA]
12) VIVA, Roel

1) ALBIÑO, Jerico
2) ALBIÑO, Joevic
3) ARCILLA, Garlet
4) BEDIA, Roy Kent
5) BIDAR, Soheil []
6) COOPER, Romeo Share [LBR]
7) FARIÑAS, Federico Jr.
8) FERMIN, Joseph Ryan
9) HERVA, Jaybone
10) LEONAR, John Paulo
11) LLEVARES, Albert
12) MADIA, Lester
13) MUNGCAL, Mar Oscar
14) NCHAMA, Masa Ango Santiago [EQG]
15) REGIS, Divino
16) SHADIDEH, Masood [IRN]
17) SONG, Woo [KOR]
18) SYLVANUS, Emmanuel Arinzechukwu []
19) YARED, Jose Anton

1) BALDOMAR, Ramon
2) CABRERA, Marlon
3) CAMARA, Mohammed [GUI]
4) CORDERO, John Paul
5) CUNA, Thomas
6) CUYOS, Jerome
7) DE CASTRO, John Kevin
8) ENDAYA, Mark Henry
9) GARCIANO, Bryan
10) GATASI, Lawrence
11) GHAZY NOURELDIN, Ahmed Safwat [EGY]
12) JOHNSON, Foday Nah [LBR]
13) KNOWLDEN, Malachi III [LBR]
14) LAPITAN, Rodmel Mari
15) NGOM, Amadou Lamine [SEN]
16) PADUA, Larsen Anatoly
17) PEPITO, Hayeson
18) SALANGUIT, Christian
19) SALISAD, Randy

1) BAE, Dong Min [KOR]
2) BORROMEO, Nicholas Christian
3) CASIL, Arnel
4) GROMMEN, Joshua
5) POLLI, Carlo [SUI]
6) SADIA, Roland Dely [CIV]
7) VILLACIN, Nicholas Christian

1) BIKECK BARING, Franck Brown [CMR]
2) NOETZEL, Johann Thomas [NMI]
3) QORDJA, Ernest [ENG]
4) REED, Adam Michael [ENG]
5) SILITONGA, Reuben Raya
6) WRIGHT, Max William [ENG]

2016 UFL Cup Semifinals Preview

Stallion FC vs Global FC

Players to watch:
STA: Jordan Mintah, Balot Doctora, Ref Cuaresma
GLO: Arthur Kouassi, Serge Kaole, Milan Nikolic

Jordan Mintah came to the quarterfinals with a different mindset, a playmaking one.  The Ghanian did have his fair share of shots but his passing proved to be the difference allowing his teammates to score the crucial goals.  Balot Doctora assisted on the opening goal and scored on the second while getting kicked in the face.  The veteran has played well of late but an injury setback might cause his absence in the semis.  Expect greenhorn Jim Flores to take on an expanded load in his absence.  Ref Cuaresma saved his team from extra time in the quarters and he would need to do it again and more against Global.

Arthur Kouassi was the hero for Global, stepping in and scoring when his team needed the most after being a man down because of Omid Nazari’s sending off.  Kouassi will now be tipped to replace Nazari up front in the semis to test the Stallion backline.  Serge Kaole was super sub in the semis, bringing in the right energy to a rather lackluster Global midfield. Milan Nikolic kept the ship afloat with his steady backline presence eliminating most of the threats that came his way.

Stallion is still unbeaten in the tournament and the test against Green Archers was the first of many if they push through and lift the Cup.  Their defense is suspect, allowing two quality goals from Chieffy Caligdong.  Global meanwhile seems to have a split personality, only picking games where they show their best.  Their match against JP Voltes was a sample of that behavior where they struggled at most parts especially at midfield.  Stallion has the the hard-working players in midfield who take advantage and turn this semifinal to their favor.  However, Global has the advantage in this matchup after having a more consistent backline which did not concede even with the disadvantage.

Advantage: Global FC


Ceres-La Salle FC vs Kaya FC

Players to watch:
CER: Adrian Gallardo, Manny Ott, Jeffrey Christaens
KAY: Robert Lopez-Mendy, Joven Bedic, Louis Clark

Robert Lopez-Mendy was a man on a mission in the quarterfinals.  Having missed out on AFC Cup action to documentation issues, the Senegalese player had some unlucky misses upfront but his persistence bore fruit in the end with the winning goal. Joven Bedic has been in fine form this year, playing well in the AFC Cup matches and in the domestic tournament.  The homegrown attacker created plenty of chances and also had some of his own against Loyola.  Louis Clark, who is still recovering from a leg injury, soldiered-on and brought his attacking flair in the second half that almost got him on the score-sheet.  His presence alone stretched the Loyola defense allowing Lopez-Mendy space to score the winner.

Adrian Gallardo played a full game against Forza last Sunday, a necessary move after not playing for a whole two weeks.  The Spanish striker had his moments, scoring a goal, but mainly deferred to his teammates the whole game.  Manny Ott was not present in the quarterfinals, but his performance against North Korea is something to gravely considered as he dominated in the middle of the pitch.  Jeffrey Christaens is in inspired form as of late after the birth of his newborn son.  He was all over the place against Forza, scoring the opener and delivering the next two, and is expected to ride the momentum in the remaining games.

Kaya had the gritty display any football fan would ask from his or her team.  The LBC-backed squad was very unlucky on the offense but was fortunate enough to be extremely lucky on the defense.  Ceres didn’t need the same amount of luck as it breezed through their opponents.

Both teams have had a spectacular first-round form in Asian competition and the UFL Cup Semifinal will decide on who is the better Philippine representative for the AFC Cup.  Ceres is well rested and eager to get back at their tormentors in 2015 while Kaya pushed to their team the limit to get a place in the semifinal.  Ceres will have the slight advantage in this matchup having rested most of its players who are injured or were called for national duty.

Advantage: Ceres-La Salle FC

All Photos are courtesy of the United Football League (

Kaya FC decries fake agents, players

In a statement made today on Social Media, Kaya FC publicly denounced fake agents who invite players for supposed trials to the Filipino club and a person who claims to be a former player who’s a victim of roberry.


It has been reported that fake player agents have forged invitation letters using the Kaya Logo and signatures of Kaya FC current and past coaches.  These notarized letters find their way to Africa, in particularly Ghana, to lure players to the Philippines with a promise of trials that will not happen.  Kaya FC reiterated that only direct communication with management and the coaches are valid and avoid these fake agents

Also included in the announcement is a warning for a person who solicits money from fans in the Rizal Memorial claiming that he was a UFL player who got robbed in a match.  Kaya FC requests that the public be aware of such false claims from these people.

Ceres-La Salle and Kaya await 2016 AFC Cup Draw

United Football League Clubs Ceres-La Salle FC and Kaya FC are now awaiting the result of the 2016 AFC Cup Group Stage draw to be held on December 10, 2015 at the AFC Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

The Bacolod squad qualified to the Asian competition after winning the UFL League.  The LBC-backed squad earned the right after beating Ceres in the UFL Cup final.

Kaya initially qualified for a playoff spot which will require them to win against two teams in order to qualify for the group stages.  But possible pullouts from other clubs and the suspension of the Indonesian FA paved the way for their direct inclusion to the group stages.

The Filipino clubs will be in two of four East zone groups which will see them pitted against clubs from either Hong Kong, India, Maldives, or other Southeast Asian countries.  They will play home and away games every month starting from February to May next year.

Kaya FC defy odds, stun Ceres in UFL Cup Final

Ten-man Kaya FC withstood a late Ceres rally to win the 2015 UFL Cup via a penalty shootout last August 28 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.  Goalkeeper Nick O’donnel secured the win for Kaya after saving two shots from Ceres.


It was Kaya who took it to the league champions in the early going when Tishan Hanley sneaked a diving header forcing a one hand save from Louie Michael Casas.  Kaya’s Joven Bedic found the back of the net minutes after but the referee ruled it out after contact was made to the Ceres goalie prior to the shot.

Ceres was in the backfoot in the first thirty minutes as the players were still adjusting to the combinations due to the absence of Manny Ott. The Bacolod squad regained some control in the remaining minutes after multiple attempts from their attacking players.  Their best chance came when a Lee Jeong Woo superstrike was parried by O’donnel towards Okunaiaya who’s deflected cross found it’s way to Patrick Reichelts lap.   Reichelt wasn’t quick enough to act causing his shot to be deflected out wide.

In injury time, OJ Porteria initiated a counter attack who laid off to Dieho Barrera in the wings with the midfielder issuing a perfect cross to Hanley.  The striker buried the shot in the bottom corner giving Kaya a 1-0 lead just before the whistle.

Ceres started out strong in the second half with shot attempts from Bienvenido Marañon, Lee, and Martin Steuble.  The strong start was negated by Kaya after forcing a counterattack where Joven Bedic supplied Diego Barrera with a good ball. The Colombian player hit an inch perfect strike where it hit the bar and in stunning Ceres for the 2-0 lead.

The Bacolod squad got back minutes later when Lee struck a beautiful curling shot to the second post to the delight of the Ceres fans. Things looked bad for Kaya as Lee was locking heads with Chris Greatwhich and both players were given yellow cards.  Greatwich, who had recieved a yellow earlier, was given his marching orders after fourth official Clifford Daypuyat discussed the violation minutes later leaving Kaya to ten men.

Juani Guirado scored the equalizer in the 73rd after glancing in a cross from Martin Steuble. Ceres put pressure to the Kaya but timely saves from the keeper and the defense maintained the 2-2 scoreline after ninety minutes.

Ceres was pushing Kaya early in extra time but the LBC backed squad was resolute in holding up their 4-4-1 defensive position.  Half chances were made but the defenses held on forcing the game into a penalty shootout.

With the score at two apiece, Ceres’ Louie Casas blocked the shot of Kaya’s third kicker in Kenshiro Daniels. The penalty was ordered to be retaken after the linesman adjudged the keeper to have come off the line before the shot was made. The retake however was also saved by Casas putting the pressure on Kaya.

Paul Mulders’ weak penalty was easily saved by O’donnel while Christian Ayew made no mistake putting the underdogs in the lead.  O’donnel again saved another after a Martin Steuble penalty which forced a Ceres save in the next kick in order to stay alive.  The Ceres goalkeeper guessed the right way but Louis Clarks’ bottom corner strike sealed the deal for Kaya for their first UFL title after many years.