Remember the 7-Minute Workout? There’s an app for that

I’ve been doing this 7-Minute workout I discovered from a New York Times blog post two months ago and have been doing it religiously since. What I didn’t know was that developers have already pounced on this idea and have already made apps for it. Here’s my quick review on doing the workout with an app.

The Search

It was fairly easy to look for free 7-Minute Workout apps. Just type in “7 minute workout” in your mobile app stores and you’ll have plenty to choose from. I picked the first one (by Perigee) on the list as it had the best reviews.


The Workout

Doing the workout manually was tricky since you had to keep track of time while doing the workout. The app makes it a whole lot easier since it does the counting for you.


I only realized that my pre-app workouts i did before was shorter compared to the app workouts (Your muscles will not waste time in telling you that). Using the app will not only make your workout easier but will also ensure that you are finishing on time (especially on those morning rush workouts).

The Add-Ons

Doing the workout via the app can help you track your progress daily


Challenge you to reach certain milestones


And rewards you with added workouts as you go along


So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start working out now!


Testing The Scientific 7-minute Workout

I recently came across a blog post from the New York Times which talks about a scientific 7-minute workout. This got me curious as it boasts of a complete workout for only 7 minutes so I decided to try it out.

Full Article here (

Doing 12 exercises for 30 seconds with 10 seconds breaks in between is AWESOME. Not only does it cover all the muscle groups but it also significantly helps on your cardio as well.

It felt like doing warm up laps in the pool or playing intense futsal or fastbreak basketball. It is “Legit”.

I’ve been doing a combination if the 4-minute workout and plank exercises but I shifted to this workout since.

My daily routine is to do the workout twice a day: before breakfast and before dinner. I also add some core/plank exercises before dinner as I’m targeting to reduce my mid-section.

I have already lost 4 pounds in two weeks while doing the exercise and improving my diet as well. But dont just take my word for it, check it out yourself and you will feel the instant improvement.


Please read the full article first before trying it. It will be very uncomfortable as the original article states but the best thing about it is that in 7-minutes, you’re done.