[AFC Cup 2016] Sheikh Jamal: Scouting Report

AFC Cup Group E leaders Ceres-La Salle FC now focus their sights in their final group match against the resurgent Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club Ltd from Bangladesh. ‘Sheikh Jamal’ for short, the club is based in the capital of Dhaka and is considered as the most successful club in Bangladesh

Photo from Sheikh Jamal wikipedia page

Players to Watch

#7 Landing Darboe (Midfielder)
The top scorer for the club scoring four goals in the last three games. This versatile player is given a free hand to roam around the attacking half producing a dangerous partnership with Wedson Anselme.

#10 Wedson Anselme (Forward)
The targetman for Sheikh Jamal hasn’t scored a lot but his movement, shooting, and passing is of high quality and should not be disregarded. Also given a free hand to roam the captain of the squad

#9 Emeka Onuoha (Forward)
The other danger man of the team that is part of the three headed attack of Sheikh Jamal. The Nigerian may or may not show up with the squad as some unconfirmed reports that hes been replaced but since the lineup cant be changed after the round of 16, lets assume that he will play.

#12 Jamal Bhuyan (Midfielder)
The Danish-born Bhuyan is a quality defensive midfielder who according to his wiki page once played for Stallion FC.  Considered a top player for the Bangladesh national team, he can be a thorn to offensive players. An injury however may not allow him to suit up for this match.

Last Three Games

Sheikh Jamal vs Selangor

Selangor vs Sheikh Jamal

Sheikh Jamal vs Tampines Rovers

First XI

#9 Emeka #10 Wedson
#7 Landing
#13 MD Jewel                          #17 Rana
#12 Bhuyan
#6 Linkon #3 Bosh #2 Barman #21 Yeasin
#23 Mazharul Islam


Sheikh Jamal has been always been very dependent on their foreign trio. Their familiarity has been their key point and they have always adjusted to what is given to them.  The team has scored goals from the last few games because of their offensive awareness. Landing has been the dominant midfielder dictating the play with his vision and power but you can see the others taking in the slack if the situation permits. Stopping the midfielder would be the objective.  The Bangladeshi squad has been the weakest in the group leaking plenty of goals.  If their weakness is taken advantage off, then good things will happen to the opposing team.

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