Adidas Philippines unveils new generation football boots: X, ACE

Adidas, the undisputed leader in football, has recently launched their new generation football boots to the Philippine market named X and ACE last July 4 at Sparta Philippines.

Gone are the Predators, F50s, and Nitrocharges. Now there is only chaos and control.  There is only X and ACE.

The X, also known as X15, is made for the game changer in the likes of Thomas Muller, Luis Suarez, and Alvaro Morata. Built for speed, the X is intended to cause chaos against the opposing team.

The ACE is designed for control and build order in a game.  Made for the likes of Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neur, and Ivan Rakitic, the ACE15 gives the player a distinct advantage on precision and control which largely epitomizes these world class players.

Footballing brothers James and Phil Younghusband presented the new boots highlighting the strengths of each type where James representing the ACE and Phil with the X.

Football standouts from the high school level up to the professionals from the United Football League were split into two groups to test their top of the line boots.  The X15 participants drilled in an obstacle course for speed and finishing while ACE15 participants were challenged with their precision and control with a shooting course.
There was also 2-a-side challenge from each division with La Sallian teams winning in the youth divisions.  De La Salle Zobel won the high school division while DLSU bested Ateneo in the college division.  Thee event was hosted by football enthusiast DJ Tony Toni of Magic 899 and spearheaded by Patrick Giron of Adidas Philippines.

The Perfect Pass will give a full review of the the two adidas boots soon.

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