Ceres-La Salle tops Group A with come from behind win against Green Archers United in UFL Cup

Ceres-La Salle FC overcame a one goal halftime deficit to win 4-1 against Green Archers United last May 23 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.  

Second half strikes from Jeong Woo Lee, Bienvenido Maranon, Adrian Gallardo, and Jeffrey Christaens made the difference as the Bacolod squad officially tops Group A in the cup.

Its was United who made a difference early in the game when Robert Lopez-Mendy opened the scoring in the 4th minute.  The veteran broke away from the Ceres defense and score to the delight of his team.

The early goal opened up the game where both teams had their own chances in the first twenty minutes.  Bad news however came in the 22nd when Patrick Reichelt was subbed off by Camelo Tacusalme due to an apparent injury.  Reichelt has just returned after having a minor surgery to his foot in the mid-season.

The Bacolod squad were the slightly more dominant team the rest of the half as they secured half chances but were unable to convert.  The first half ended with United still having the one goal advantage.

Ceres picked up where they left off in the first half but the Archers were a tough nut to crack and did not allow an equalizer. It took one full hour and a substitute in Lee to level the game to one-a-piece as he outran the United defense. The Bacolod squad took note as newcomer Maranon added another after just one minute with an assist from fellow spaniard Adrian Gallardo.

The Archers almost pulled a leveler with a breakaway from Jimuel Ariola but GK Louis Casas stopped him just in time.  The busboys made it 3-1 in the 69th when Maranon returned the favor to setup Valdes for the clubs third goal.  Jeff Christaens made it 4-1 for Ceres after a great team effort with Kyum Son Cho to seal the deal for Ceres in the 81st.

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