Ceres-La Salle FC: Who Is Coach Cha?

Soung Yooung Cha or “Coach Cha” is the current head coach of Bacolod’s Ceres-La Salle FC. He became the Head Coach of Ceres last year, won the UFL Division 2 title, and the recently concluded UFL FA League Cup. Here is The Perfect Pass’ Q&A with Coach Cha.


Football History

When did you start playing football?
I started from 9years old but started only (as a) hobby and started (as a) real player from 12 years old and I stopped 2010 in Kookmin Bank team (now K-League FC Anyang).

Who influenced you in playing the sport?
My father. My father was in the army, he brought me every Sunday to the grounds. It was fun and at that time I like(d) football.

Who was your football idol and what qualities did you like from this football player?
I like Cha Bumguen, he is korean and was (in) the league bundesliga, he is fast and he many score in bundesliga, now he is football announcer in Korea and his son is also Korean national player. But I don’t have chance together with him. I think his adaptation about abroad life very well when he football player.

(TPP: Also known as Cha –Boom in the German circles, Cha Bumguen was the first Asian player in modern day football to break through and succeed in Europe. A living legend in Korea, he was a dominating figure in Asian Football in the 70’s and 80’s and has the distinction of having 2 UEFA Cups at his belt.)

What was your position as a football player?
I am winger and midfielder, sometime defense striker. I could (do) all position for attack, I am small but I was faster haha.

Coach Cha Profile


Name: Cha, Soungyooung
Age: 42, November 5, 1971
Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do
Hometown: Chongok Yeoncheon City
Chongok Elementary School,
Anyang Middle School,
Anyang Technical high school,
Incheon National University

Achievements as a football player:
1989 in the Nationals High School MBC competition M.V.P
1989 in the Nationals high school KBS competition prize for highest score
1991 in the Nationals university selection team
1992 Asian cup National national team
1992 Armenia independence day Friendly match National team (from America)
1993 East Asian Games National team (Champions)
1993 Korea President’s International Cup, National Team B
1994-2000 Kookmin Bank Football team (now FC Anyang)

Coaching Experience (Korea):
Head coach 2002-2005 Pocheon Gasan elementary school
Head coach 2005-2008 Pocheon Middle School
Head coach 2009-2011 Korea K3 league (2010 Champions, Korea coach M.V.P)

Coaching History


How did you become as a football coach?
I started elementary school and became a coach in K3. I want to become a coach from long time ago, I thought if I stop player I’ll do coach(ing), and I want to start from elementary team and I want to make experience.

What are your previous football clubs and your role in the coaching staff?
In Ceres, I was a technical director; frankly speaking I didn’t know my position (then). I tried to (do) training, and made (the) program, controlled (the) game. In Korea, I was head coach in Korea until 2011.

Can you tell us how you got to the Philippines and eventually became a coach for Ceres?
I decide to return to the Philippines with my family in December 2011. At that time, Stallion Head Coach Pee asked me (If I) can help his team (CPU, Iloilo). Then I have needs a change for my football life and needed time to get with the family. But (I) did not (stay a) long time with coach Pee. I didn’t want to get involved in his team operations. I guess he had a lot more interested in other work than coaching, so I quit (CPU) in July 2012.

While stay with my family (I) met Ali and I heard him a plan of Ceres and I decided in coming to Ceres. It was September 2012 and we became a champion in Smart Cup. I was not the Head coach over the past two years (and) three months, but have maintained the role of the real Head coach. I have experienced championships for four times and in July last year officially became Head coach. I am happy (with what) can do together with Ceres.

How difficult was it to go from Korea to the Philippines and become a coach here?
The most difficult thing is communication. And have a lot of different cultures. I’ve got a lot of different nationalities, sometimes bumping into each other. But world football is the same. We are well and develop and overcome it. Last one (and) this is (what) I want to point, I want all the players to respect coaches. To do that, the coaches should make more efforts.

As A Head Coach


What are your priorities as a coach (Fitness, Tactics, Team Spirit)?
Priority is team spirit for me. You know football is group sport. The head coach must create a combination of the full 11 people. If one player don’t do with the team, the team is too hard to win. If he (is) not with the team, he will not join in the match.

What is your Football Philosophy?
My philosophy is (to) overcome and enjoy. Football is a fun sport. Coaches and players want to enjoy playing football. If you can enjoy everything about playing football I Think it can also overcome physical training. We are a professional athlete. (If they) show high level of game then fans will come to watch. In order to do that, should enjoy and overcome everything.

About Ceres


How did you feel about the success of the Ceres-La Salle team in winning UFL Division 2 and The FA League Cup last year?
To be honest, I’m surprised as well. There was a certain measure of confidence. The players are hard than ideas to be able to win. But we need more fitness because Professional player must be fit for the game.

I (am) proud of Ceres football team and players. They overcame a lot of training, (In) the game (they) also worked hard. And also (the) owners (Leo Rey Yanson and family) give a lot of support (on) everything.

What are your goals for the Club this 2015?
We had a first team practice with the meeting on the January 6 and they set a goal. Their aim is to be Champion for Smart Cup and UFL. And in the Asian (Football Confederation) Cup, going the semi-final
The event might look like arrogance. Our players are going to do, and I think it is a lot of effort to reach that goal. My personal aim wanted to announce the in Asia to Ceres football team and Philippine football so I want that to be a catalyst developed for the Philippines football.

What’s your message to the fans of Ceres-La Salle FC?
Thanks (to those) who loved Ceres. I ask many support and encouragement in 2015. Our coaches and players promise to show you a better figure. Please have a lot (of fans) in the stadium. If there are so many audiences, football is going to make progress.


2 thoughts on “Ceres-La Salle FC: Who Is Coach Cha?

  1. Ceres is from Bacolod. Iam also from Bacolod. Like just what Tita Olive once said to me. Tito Ric and Tita Olive are just like my parents since Roy is my childhood friend. Ricky and Leo Rey Yanson have developed football a lot, not only in Bacolod City but also proved themselves to be one of the best in the Philippines. Ceres is my No.1 team. Congratulations!!! To God be the glory.

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