Keys to the Azkals victory against Thailand

The Azkals have shown that they can match up with arguably the best Southeast Asian side and now have the chance to go for the biggest upset in this tournament. I have already outlined some major points in my previous post (How the Azkals can perform the “Miracle in Manila”) for the first leg so I present to you some more keys to the Azkals victory.


Attack through the center

This may sound counter-intuitive because we have strength in the wings but Thailand has conceded from a header and runs towards the middle. It is imperative that the midfield move the ball a little bit faster to make this work as we have all seen how well scouted we are by the Thais. The bigger pitch in the Rajamangala may help us in doing this. Having a good balance of wing and center play will bring us to the final.

Stay Physical without the intent

Were obviously the bigger team at the moment and we have put it to good use. The difference now is that we will have a new set of referees which might be stricter than the last one (who treated the game like Sunday football). The Thais will likely try to hurt Amani seeking retaliation but he should check his emotions for this one. Maintaining our physical play without the intent will do us wonders if we get through the finals as we do not have a serious yellow card situation.

Lastly, Focus.

Playing an away game against forty thousand fans is not an easy task. The Azkals have shown nerves at the first half of the first leg and they must forget that they even have nerves in Bangkok to stand a chance. Focus is desperately needed in the final third as we have wasted scoring goals in the first leg. The home team may have the advantage but the pressure is all on them.

The odds are against us in todays game but we have a fair chance of getting our result. I do hope that the players perform and with a little luck, we may be well in our first finals appearance in Suzuki Cup history.


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