2014 UFL FA League Cup Finals Preview (By the Numbers)

Here is the perfect pass blog’s preview of the 2014 UFL FA League Cup Finals, by the numbers. Judging by how it looks, it’s pretty damn close.

Top Goal Scorers (accumulated)


Ceres Top global Top

Its quite obvious that anyone can score from both teams so scoring will not be a problem in this Final.

STATS for the Last 3 Games

Scoring Breakdown

* – Penalty Goal of Loyola in the semis will not be counted as it was a bizarre call
goal scored-allowed Goall DiffStats don’t usually count in big games like this one but they sure do tell us a lot.  My personal forecast is a 2-1 win by Ceres tonight.  Will the stats hold or be thrown out of the window!

Let’s all find out tonight!

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