The Curse of the Upgraded UAAP Seat

On the eve of Game 3 of the UAAP Season 77. I can’t help but think that the Final Four loss by DLSU, was on me. “Ako yung malas”. It was not because of Mac Belo, it’s because of my seat, the curse of my upgraded seat.



It all started in Game 2 of the 2001 UAAP Finals. My friends camped out in Araneta days before the game and scored ‘Upper A’ tickets for our barkada. We were ecstatic going to the game and were happy with our ‘Golden’ Seats. Oddly enough, Ateneo beat us during that game. It was terrible. Getting good tickets and losing a high stakes match was really bad.

The same thing happened in the 2002 final where we also lucky to get Upper A seats in the final, but lost to an Ateneo team who hadn’t won anything since the 80’s. That was when i confirmed that having better seats in a playoff or final match is not a blessing, but a curse.

I thought i broke the curse when I watched a crucial Ateneo La Salle game last year. I ended up in the Patron area and the team beat their rivals easily and eventually became champions that year.

When I met my buddy Chester before the last playoff game with FEU, he mentioned that the Upper B tickets we have could become Upper A. Minutes later, the possibility of getting Patron tickets happened because of the heavy downpour and our friend Drews couldn’t make it. I was a bit excited of the idea of getting prime seats but the idea of what happened during college was a possibility. I shrugged it off as I was confident of the teams momentum.



The signs where there. The DLSU drums got stuck in traffic and the FEU gallery had a full house. But when Julian Sargent made that three in the fourth, I thought I was gonna break the curse. Then it happened on the last play, the last second, and the last shot.

I was stunned. Mac Belo just made a hell of a shot from the three point line. It felt like being the main character in a Final Destination movie knowing that you were the cause of everything. The curse found a way to get back at me but in a more painful way.

My goal for next year is to break this curse. But in order to break it, I would need the help of the following: Ambassador ECJ, the coaching staff, OSD, and the DLSU Admin. I would like to make an appeal. Please, Maawa kayo. . . Paupuin niyo na ko sa Patron please!

No more bad luck, only championships!


Congratulations to the NU and FEU for making the finals. Only the best teams make it there. Best of luck in Game 3

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