Watch UFL Fans juggle their way to cash prizes in the UFL FA League Cup

Being a UFL fan has never been this good. Aside from watching good football games, fans can now get prizes just by showing up and participating in the half-time games in this 2014 UFL FA League Cup.

Last night Pachanga Diliman PLDT Home Fibr and Ceres-La Salle FC sponsored the halftime games to the delight of the opening day crowd.  The highlight if the night came from a juggling contest where the fan with the most juggles in 3 minutes. See video below.

A female fan from FEU won the top prize of 5,000 pesos (Yes! you heard that right!) after making almost 400 juggles in three minutes and beating 4 other contestants i the process.

If you’re not aware, tickets are FREE for Senior Citizens and Students (with school ID). Free tickets can also be claimed from your favorite clubs. If you’re a paying customer, the door charge is 100 pesos for at least 3 football games (UAAP games charge 250+ for 1 or 2 games) which is not a bad deal at all. Check out the full game schedules in Majority if the games of the FA League Cup will be played at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the next UFL games until November and you might be one of the lucky ones to bring home a prize and fantastic match experience from the country’s premier football league.

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