TPP Blog: World Cup 101 – Knockout Rounds and The Final

After the emphatic group stages where we saw a lot of surprises, we move on the the knockout rounds in the World Cup. Since the casual pinoy sports fan has already bought in to the craze, here are some things they need to know.


The Games

With 16 teams left in contention, the remaining fixtures shall be called:

1)Round of 16
4)Third Place Match
5)The Final (aka The World Cup Final*)

*-The term “Championship” is rarely used as it’s the name for the 2nd division in England

Everything will be a knock-out affair as the winning team progresses and the losing team goes home. The losing semi-finalists plays the 3rd place match while the winners move to the final.

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Extra Time & Penalty Shootout

In the event that the teams are still tied after 90 minutes in the knockout rounds, the two teams will play two 15-minute halves to settle the tie. Both teams need to finish both halves before the winner is or the game progresses into a penalty shootout. This rule does not apply in the World Cup final, as the first team who scores (the golden goal) in extra time is considered the champion.

If the teams are still tied after 120 minutes, the game is decided by a penalty shooutout. The 1994 and 2006 Word Cups were decided via penalty shootout.

Of Suspensions and Yellow Cards

In a football tournament, getting two yellow cards from different games would automatically suspend the player for the next game. e.g. Neymar Jr. gets a yellow card on his first group stage match and another in the Round of 16, he is automatically suspended in the Quarterfinal.

This rule applies only from the group stages up to the quarter finals where players who accumulated only one yellow card are given a clean slate. This will ensure that the best players will have a chance to play in the Final. If a player did accumulate his second yellow card on the Quarterfinal, the player will be suspended for the Semi-final.

Let the games begin!

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