Clear Dream Match 3 Press Conference


Old Trafford Legends, Andy Cole and Paul Scholes, were presented to the media today as headliners for tomorrow’s anticipated Clear Dream Match.


Still visibly tired from a red eye flight, the ManU standouts did their best to answer questions to the delight of the Philippine Press.

I did have my moment with Paul when I asked “I’ve been a big fan of you growing up and I was wondering if we’re gonna see your crunching tackles tomorrow?” (The crowd laughed in approval – to my delight).

Scholesy answered (smiling), “I was assured by Phil that this will be a friendly match”. He then went on to talk about having fun and enjoying the match. That moment to me was Priceless.




The Legends aside, this match will end the tie between Phil and James and give the Filipino football fans a night to remember.

Many thanks to Unilever and Clear for giving us this once and a lifetime chance.

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