Why David Moyes had to go

Old Trafford has seen plenty of success in the last 20+ years under Sir Alex Ferguson.  But his handpicked successor, failed to bring respectable results for Manchester United this season. Here are some reasons why the former United manager had to go.

Difference in Philosophy

United have always been playing direct (in the middle) for the longest time running. It reflects on the current squad namely van Persie, Rooney, Kagawa etc.  When David Moyes came, he insisted on bringing in his hardcore wing-oriented play to Old Trafford.

Although proven successful in Everton, this was not good for the current players given that there are really no good wingers in the team.  We’ve seen Rooney lay off to the wings to Ashley Young and Adrian Januzaj but this seemed to be predictable for opposing center backs.  Though van Persie and Rooney have good aerial skills to match, this was not the best way to maximize their talents as they need the ball in their feet to be productive.

Difficulty to Adapt to his Players

Kagawa would be the prime example for this point.  Back in BVB, he was slaying opponents as the attacking midfielder but is largely unused in Manchester.  Having a group of creative midfielders and not fully utilizing them is a sin.  Either he’s to stubborn to break away from his philosophy or he’s just not good enough He can always argue that he didn’t have a hand in hiring personnel, but the best ones adapt.  Think Brendan Rogers.

No Control over his Team

Even if Moyes has been born and raised the same way as Fergie, Scottish blue collar style, he didn’t motivate and control the players as Sir Alex did.  When a manager cannot control his best players the others players will eventually lose respect over their boss.  It was quite obvious in his substitution patterns that he’s afraid of Rooney and van Persie and I’m sure this didn’t sit well with the others.


The loss against Everton was the last straw for the Glacier family considering the heavy financial losses the team will have next season.  He lost the trust of his players, employers, and thousands of fans around the world.  With no trophies to show, no Champions league football next season, and the lowest league finish in decades, it was time for David Moyes to go.

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