Cheapest and Most Convenient Ride to the Emperador Stadium (Weekdays)



If you’re an avid UFL fan and you want to get to the Emperador Stadium in the most convenient (and affordable) fashion, read this!

To Emperador

  • Find your way to the carpark beside the Ayala MRT station


  • Go to the ground floor of the shuttle carpark building between the MRT station and Hotel Intercontinental
  • Look for the McKinley hill shuttle. It’s usually the third-to-the-last shuttle nearest the toilet, but do ask the drivers there for the exact location.
  • Pay the 25 pesos fare. (You heard that right)
  • Go down at the Emperador parking entrance and walk to the stadium (between building 3 & 4 according to the McKinley drivers lingo)

To Ayala, Makati

  • Walk from the stadium to the Venice Piazza mall (see map)

venice piazza

  • The shuttle to Makati is located in the entrance nearest to the mall
  • Pay the same 25 peso fare and you’ll be dropped in the vicinity of the Ayala MRT station

From the drivers, last trip to Mckinley Hill is by 10PM and last trip to Ayala is also at 10PM. Please note that there are no Saturday trips. You can get a ride from the Magallanes area on Saturdays but I’m not aware in how this works.

Feel free to share this information to your friends

Note: Shuttle terminals/routes might change so I’ll update this as much as I can

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