How to explain the offside rule to a Pinoy basketball fan

You can find the offside rule in rugby union, rugby league, hockey, and football. But since we’re a basketball country, it has to be explained.

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Simply put, the offside rule was established to prevent an offensive player from staying on the opponents goal to poach (‘nakaw’ in tagalog and ‘kawat’ in ilonggo) a goal. Imagine yourself playing (basketball) defense with four teammates (against 5 opponents) while your other teammate is just waiting under the opponents goal just waiting for an outlet pass. Sucks right?

The purpose of the rule is to solidify the build up play and prevent cheap goals out of that situation.  The rule also reinforces the theory that you ‘defend as a team, and attack as a team’.  You can find the official rule from FIFA here.

It’s as simple as that.

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