Should we change the PFF logo?

When I first saw the 2012 Azkals Puma kit, the first question I asked was “Why isn’t the PFF logo in front instead of the Philippine Flag?”  I gave some thought about it and found that the logo really didn’t identify well with our country.   I’ve put some thought about the current logo and here are a few reasons why it needs to be changed.



Since the rebirth of Football in our country, we really need a new PFF logo to identify or distinguish ourselves from our neighbors. Malaysia has its Tiger logo, Vietnam has a flag embedded in a ball, while Indonesia has its National crest which adds a unique flavor in their jerseys. Adding an Azkal would be a bit unfair to the Malditas but adding a common theme like the archipelago or part of the Philippine Flag would be a welcome change.

Outdated Logo

I’m guessing that the logo is about 20+ years old, maybe the same time the PSC logo was made (1990).  I know the previous administrators meant well with the design but we can still improve it with the current design software available.  A good example of a step improvement of the logo would be the French Football Federation logo which modernized their crest.


On my end I think design competition would be the best way to make this change with the PFF defining the criteria.  A cash prize and the distinction of being the logo designer would bring out the creativity of our people.  I’m pretty sure that the PFF may have thought about this or maybe have plans in place for this change.  I’m not sure if there are FIFA rules with the logo changes but we should definitely start somewhere to re-create our brand.

Comments are welcome below.

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