Whats your UAAP Sports Superstition?

Coming in to Game 2 of DLSU-UST Finals, I wore the exact same shirt, shorts, shoes, and even socks during the first Final Four game against FEU.  True enough, We (DLSU) won by a convincing margin similar to that game.


My Buddy (former Green Archer in training) Rich Minerales introduced me those superstitions and rituals while we were in our first year in Taft.  As a football player coming from Bacolod, we were not as superstitious like our basketball counterparts. These guys would bring rosaries, wear lucky basketball shoes, and even tie their shoes a certain way.

Rich acquainted me to such things like ‘winner of the jump ball wins’ which then evolved to ‘first team to make basket wins the game’.  We even formulated the UAAP rule where the first team to reach 70 automatically wins.  This rule was eventually broken by the hot streaking FEU team against (ironically) DLSU in the first round which makes it now just 99% accurate.

I used to have a white UMBRO shirt that I used to wear before in DLSU Football and Basketball games.  The shirt was a good fit aside from its white & green color but I realized that I seem to lose all the games I attend with it.  I initially thought that it was all in my head and that a shirt will never be a factor any game but ultimately gave up when my friends in the Men’s Football team lost a crucial game with them comfortably ahead because of bad luck.  I never wore that shirt again and if memory serves me right, I threw it away.

Looking back in the first game with FEU, I unknowingly put my water bottle in the floor and FEU went on to make a big run. Recognizing this, I put it back on my right side and we won the game comfortably. I was again superstitious the second game of the Final Four against FEU. Because it was a weekday, I was wearing my usual business attire and sported my 2007 Championship shirt over my long sleeved one.  With FEU red hot coming into the third quarter, my superstition switch just triggered and decided to take off the t-shirt.  La Salle made a mini-run but FEU came back with a booming 3 to answer. Desperate for a solution, I transferred my mineral water from the left to my right side.  DLSU came back to win and seal their seat in the Final.

Having been to many UAAP Finals games, me and my brother, Ric Alvin Gayares, have formulated Superstitions of our own.  We have never won a live game in the Araneta Coliseum when we are seated in the Upper Box A section. This happened in Game 2 of the 2001 Finals against Ateneo and in Game 1 of this year’s final against UST.  Never again.  In addition to my superstition list, I brought winning tickets from previous FIBA and UAAP games yesterday, and yeah, we won emphatically.


In a few minutes after finishing this piece, I am going to the laundry shop to have all of yesterday’s game clothes washed.  In Game 3, I will wear the same clothes, bring all my lucky charms, and pray for a DLSU Men’s Basketball Championship.


How about you? Whats your UAAP Sports Superstition?

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